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Housecalls & Mobile Vet

House Calls and Mobile Veterinarian in Thousand Oaks, CA

For a majority of pets, going to the vet is a stressful experience. Just like humans, nobody gets excited about going to the doctor. Pets prefer the safety of their own home environment. They feel more at ease at home than anywhere else because they are surrounded by familiar smells, people and objects. Pets experience anxiety, physiological and emotional stress when visiting the vet's office. Increased heart and respiratory rate, inaccurate blood pressure readings and abnormal blood sugar levels are among the typically recorded by vets attempting to assess a pet's health during a wellness exam at the clinic. Diagnostic tests are also affected which may lead to delayed treatment.

Fear not!! Dr. Wisa is available for housecalls. A visit in the comfort of the home will allow our staff to evaluate your pet without the added stress from leaving home. We aim to solve any behavioral issues by treating your pet with compassion and care. In the event of an emergency, we will work with the local animal hospitals and emergency centers to ensure that your pet gets top notch care.

Benefits of using mobile vet services for pets and their parents include, but are not limited to:

  1. Shy, aggressive, elderly and large dog breeds greatly benefit from house visits. No need to be worried you won't make it to your appointment on time due to your pet "acting up" and no more breaking your back trying to load your giant dog into your truck. Let us come to you!
  2. Families with more than one pet can take advantage of staying home while the doctor comes to access all of their roudy babies.
  3. For couples with young children and new born babies, it is hard enough taking care of your 2 legged humans. I'm sure you can imagine how hectic it could get with the 4 legged fur babies as well! Let us help save you for this potentially traumatic experience.
  4. Senior citizens, handicapped individuals, and those that don't feel comfortable driving can rest assure that their pet will be in excellent hands and they will be able to be right there to watch and support.
  5. Be 100% sure that your pet will not be exposed to any unfamiliar animal's sickness or possible aggressiveness. Elderly and already sick pets tend to have compromised immune systems making them especially susceptible to bacteria and viuses. Nix even the slightest possibility of additional sickness.
  6. INDOOR CATS. Anyone who has ever owned a house cat, understands that they would rather stay indoors than venture outside...especially to see the vet!! We will all work together to keep their little hearts beating at a normal speed in the safety of their own home.

Animal health conditions that can be treated during a house call:

We don't only offer wellness exams at home, but we also offer the options of: vaccinations, microchipping, ear cleaning, anal gland expressions, bloodwork, suture/staple removal, fluid administration, vitamin injections, administration of medications and much more. If the doctor suggests that your pet come back to the clinic for any additional treatments requiring the office equipment, he will gladly drive your pet to the clinic at no exta charge. From there, we will give the best care to your pet until they are ready to be taken home.

Pet euthanasia in your own home:

If the time has come and you wish to say goodbye to your fur baby within the comfort of your own home, we will gladly accomidate your situation and make it stress free. Many families want their pet to feel at peace in the privacy of their own home until their very last breaths. We offer gentle home euthanasia where you will be able to be right there with your baby as we all say goodbye.

Can you remember the last time your pet saw their vet? Is Muffin overdue for her vaccines? If you think it's time for the vet to see your pet, call East/West Veterinary Clinic today to schedule a house-call visit.

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East West Veterinary Clinic

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What our clients say about us

  • "My family and I have been taking our pets here for over a decade, and we will never go to another vet office. Always excellent service and kind hearted staff. Would recommend them to anyone. Thank you for caring for our pets as much as we do!"
    Ashley Galante
  • ""Very caring and nurturing Staff and Dr Wisa was amazing. Dr Wisa was so kind working with us on the price.""
    Humera K.
  • "I just recently brought my second dog here because I just got him and wanted to make sure he had a clean bill of health. Vet and staff are very professional and thorough with the exams. I bring both my dogs here and will continue doing so in the future."
    Beatrice C.
  • "My standard poodle suffers periodically from a pinched nerve so I consulted with Dr. Wisa and he suggested trying chiropractic adjustments. She has now had two flare ups within the last 4 months and both times I immediately took her in for an adjustment. By the next day her symptoms have subsided. Thank you Dr. Wisa"
    Gary H.

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