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Pet Euthanasia

Pet Euthanasia in Thousand Oaks, CA

When is it time to let go.....

Euthanasia in Thousand Oaks

Was your pet diagnosed with a terminal illness? Is Fluffy suffering from a painful medical condition that's causing a low quality of life? Do you still see life when you look into your pet's eyes?

Letting go is an extremely emotional situation to encounter, but knowing when the time has come to say goodbye is among the most difficult and painful moments in a pet parent's life. There are times when all the developed medical treatments available are nullified and the only option left to prevent needless suffering is euthanasia. However, there are many factors to consider in the concept of euthanasia including; ethical, moral, religious, medical, financial and sometimes legal stand points. Therefore, euthanasia is a final decision that needs to be thoroughly thought about and discussed. We are here to help.

The staff at East/West Veterinary Clinic are prepared to help you through this sad and painful experience. We will communicate with you to ensure any special requests. Your pet will feel love, warmth and comfort during their final moments. There are several options regarding caring for the remains. We will make every effort to accomodate your every wish during this difficult time.

Deciding when the time has come to say goodbye is a very personal and private decision, but you don't have to go through it alone. Our humane euthanasia services in Thousand Oaks, CA, are conducted with compassion and respect. If you are conflicted and wondering what your next step could be, please give us a call so that we can help!

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East West Veterinary Clinic

East West Veterinary Clinic

What our clients say about us

  • "My family and I have been taking our pets here for over a decade, and we will never go to another vet office. Always excellent service and kind hearted staff. Would recommend them to anyone. Thank you for caring for our pets as much as we do!"
    Ashley Galante
  • ""Very caring and nurturing Staff and Dr Wisa was amazing. Dr Wisa was so kind working with us on the price.""
    Humera K.
  • "I just recently brought my second dog here because I just got him and wanted to make sure he had a clean bill of health. Vet and staff are very professional and thorough with the exams. I bring both my dogs here and will continue doing so in the future."
    Beatrice C.
  • "My standard poodle suffers periodically from a pinched nerve so I consulted with Dr. Wisa and he suggested trying chiropractic adjustments. She has now had two flare ups within the last 4 months and both times I immediately took her in for an adjustment. By the next day her symptoms have subsided. Thank you Dr. Wisa"
    Gary H.

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